Today in the city River Falls 21.06.2018
Alaska's Copper River Sees Low Commercial Salmon Harvest

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game says the commercial salmon harvest in the Copper River is so far the second lowest in 50 years.

Continent-sized Martian dust storm still growing and turning day to night - CNET

NASA's Opportunity rover is stuck in a huge storm that has literally turned day to night, forcing the solar-powered robot to nap for now.

The Opportunity Rover Has Faced Martian Storms Before, But This One Is Serious

NASA's Opportunity Rover is hunkering down in hibernation mode to ride out a massive dust storm, and even for a 14-year veteran of Mars' harsh climate, the situation is deadly serious.

17 incredible images of the haunting Mayan ruins in the Riviera Maya

Tourists and archaeologists alike travel to the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico to view the region's famous Mayan ruins. In fact, the ancient sites are so well-known that there's a tourism district...

Man falls to his death off bridge on way to father's funeral in Tennessee

A man who was headed to his father's funeral died Thursday after falling off a bridge in southern Tennessee, according to officials.

Ten Dead After River Boats Collide in Russia World Cup Host City

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Ten people on a river cruise were killed when their boat collided with a tugboat late on Monday in the Russian city of Volgograd...

NASA's Opportunity rover braves huge dust storm on Mars as scientists keep watch

The hardest working rover on Mars is fighting for its robotic life on the red planet.  NASA announced on Friday that the Opportunity rover is currently being hit by the worst dust storm it's ever...

River Erosion Threatens Juneau Subdivision

A Juneau subdivision is looking to keep from falling into the Mendenhall River as erosion in the area worsens.

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